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I often receive questions from patients who are concerned about traveling through airport metal detectors after joint replacement surgery. While this concern is understandable, the good news is that modern joint replacements are made from materials that are unlikely to set off airport metal detectors.

Most joint replacements are made from metals such as titanium or cobalt-chrome which are not magnetic and therefore not likely to be detected by airport security. However, it is important to inform the security personnel of your joint replacement before passing through the metal detector, as they may require additional screening. They may also just send you directly to the x-ray machine; they can easily see the metal joint replacement on x-ray.

Patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery can travel through airport metal detectors without worry of setting them off, as modern joint replacements are made from non-magnetic materials. However, it is essential to inform airport security and healthcare professionals of their implant to ensure a safe and effective screening or imaging process.